[F500] Roval Road Courses What's Your Favorite?

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This is great commentary.  Keep 'em coming!

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I have had the opportunity to race a three Speedway road
courses.....Daytona, Charlotte and Pocono.

Daytona uses the 3.54 mile 24 Hour configuration of the track.  There are
two interesting parts of this configuration.  1. The high speed entry into
the infield portion of the track from the Tri-oval portion of the main
straight.  2.  The relatively high speed chicane at the end of the back
straight which has a maximum speed entrance from the back straight.  The
balance of the infield is relatively boring and non-descript.  The main
portion of Daytona can be driven in max-cruise control, listen to the tunes
and boogie.

Charlotte is a much different animal than Daytona.  The infield portion also
begins just after the Tri-oval portion of the main track, the big difference
is that at Charlotte the exit from the pits is also at the same point in the
track, causing cars at speed and cars not at speed to be in the same area of
the track.  The entrance to the infield is closely bordered by a Jersey Wall
barrier, that at one time I am told had a Bulls eye painted on it (until way
too may people hit the Bulls eye).  The Jersey Wall is not forgiving.  The
infield turns at Charlotte have some camber change and a small amount of
elevation change which add a degree of character.  The return to the main
track is near the exit of NASCAR 1 and the transition is (or was) rather
rough.  With the main track at Charlotte being a 1.5 mile Tri-oval, the
speedway turns are much tighter than Daytona (2.5 mile main track), as a
consequence driving these turns requires one's concentration....you can put
the car any!
where on the track you desire in these turns, but it requires your

Pocono has multiple infield configurations.  The only one I have driven is
the one that uses NASCAR 1, NASCAR 2 and enters the infield several hundred
yards after NASCAR 2 (the Tunnel Turn) with a 135 degree left hander into
the infield known as 'Devil's Elbow'; the balance of the infield is a
succession of featureless turns that ultimately put one back onto the main
track at the beginning of pit road.....the bad feature of this configuration
(at least when I drove it in 1988 & 90) was that Pit Road had a series of
corrugations that ran parallel to pit road and the line off the final
infield turn had one trying to 'slide' across the corrugations sideways.  I
don't believe this configuration is currently being used.

Of the three, Charlotte has the most challenges both in the infield and on
the main portion of the track.  That being said the treatment of the club
racer at both Charlotte and Daytona is less than cordial by track personnel.
Daytona Security is legendary for their surly attitude.  Charlotte, when I
was last there, did not sell gas at the track; you had to go to a gas
station across the street from the track to buy race gas????

Chuck McAbee
SEDIV #16  

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A few questions for the group.

Some of you know probably know our firm does a little bit of racetrack
design  We've been tasked with designing a new infield road course that has
the ability to be run separately from the oval as well as utilizing the
oval. (I can't say whether this is a new or old track.)

Of the tracks that are out there that utilize an oval infrastructure, what
courses have you raced on and what did you like about it?  

The flip side would be rovals that you ran that you did not like.  Tell me
what you didn't like about it.

I'm looking for constructive comments to assist us in idea generating for
this design.  My focus is only the track course design at this time.
Amenities and paddocks are being taken care of.

You may email me off-line at:
Mlindsey<remove this to email>@baskervill.com

Thank you for your comments.

Mark S. Lindsey, AIA
architecture + engineering + interior design
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